What Is a Concrete Stamped Patio?

Want Something More Than Just a Drab Gray Slab?  

If you are looking for something a little out of the norm for your concrete patio, you need to consider hiring a professional concrete stamped patio service such as Calderon Concrete LLC. The following are just some of the advantages of what such a patio has to offer you, and some of the disadvantages.

A stamped concrete patio is made by pouring concrete and then adding a pattern and texture to it using concrete stamps. Stamping concrete is an economical way to create the look of expensive materials, at the fraction of the price. It will also bring additional benefits with regards to durability and maintenance. However, the biggest drawback to stamped concrete is it does need a professional to do it.

By combining stamps and texture, in addition to the creative staining methods used, a stamped concrete patio can take on the look of various different more expensive materials. This has become popular in many areas, for homeowners looking to have patios that have a flagstone, cobblestone, or brick paver appearance. A well-made stamped concrete patio can provide the same visual effect as any one of the aforementioned materials, without it breaking the bank.

In addition to the above-mentioned economical advantages, a stamped concrete patio is also easier to maintain. Both pavers and stones use many interlocking pieces, which are often susceptible to frost damage and the shifting ground beneath them. A solid concrete slab used when stamping concrete is stronger when faced with environmental challenges. The cracks between the pieces will also allow weeds and other unwanted vegetation to sprout through these openings, whereas stamped concrete does not provide such openings.

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