Don’t Forget to Hire a Concrete Contractor

Signs It’s Time to Fix Your Concrete

Many homeowners just discover that cracks and damage have developed while they are mopping or vacuuming. Hiring a professional concrete contractor can help you make the most of your investment.

Here are the top three times you should call a contractor:


Cracks and other dents are the most common signs of damage. If a homeowner sees a lot of cracks in their concrete floors, it’s a sign that you need to repair them. Concrete experts will be able to determine whether the cracks are serious and whether they go all the way through your floor. If the cracks are at a utility point, it might be a sign that water damage is present. Hiring a contractor will help you address the issue before it gets worse.


Stains are a common issue with concrete floors. But, if you see that your concrete is stained or discolored, you’ll want to contact a contractor immediately. Stains that are not fixed will result in a lot of problems for your concrete floor. It will discolor over time and become brittle. Because concrete floors are easy to clean, stains are a common issue. If you have stains, you should call a contractor to fix the concrete floors.


If you have concrete that shows signs of tears, it needs to be repaired immediately. Tearing is a problem that will get bigger. It’ll also make your floor look old and worn out. A contractor will be able to fix the concrete and keep it in good shape. They can help you get the most out of your concrete floors.

If you notice any problems with your concrete floors in Salem, OR, you should call a professional concrete contractor. Calderon Concrete LLC is one of the trusted companies in the area. To know more about the services we offer, call us at (971) 213-2898 today!

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